RMtrust company principle/motto

Eternally altering our wings as we fly

RMtrust is a company where we aim to constantly be changing and ahead of the race. The flow of time is constantly getting faster every single day.

This is the same in the market, we are now in the generation where just one business plan or business model is not enough for a company to continue to grow and prosper. Currently, what is needed from a company or members in the company is “change” and “speed”.

We see the importance in the original business model but at the same time, we aim to use several business models to create a flexible team that can adjust to the time period and provide services and resources to clients to make them satisfied and happy.

October 2014

RMtrust Co.,Ltd Representative director: Yasu Matsushima



RMtrust Co.,Ltd Representative Profile

■Representative director
  Yasu Matsushima

Born in Tokyo on 1963. Graduated Tokai University of Engineering and later found employment in Fuji-Denki (Now called Fuji-Denki Holdings Co.,Ltd.) in the materials/mechanical design department.

And founded CAD design company when he was 30. At 36 he participated in the “Support Net 21 benefit association”. Accomplished country wide development of “Registered real-estate broker Family benefit association” which originally evolved from the “Association of Residential Land Building Tokyo Corporation.” Later got employed at IPD Japan Co.,Ltd. which has an original, main company in England.

Became “Marketing Manager” at a company who provided international information service to 25 different countries on 5 different continents. Then later founded a company that combined real estate marketing, general company based services to create a whole new real estate service business, which turned out to be our company RMtrust. As rental guarantee service business “fit’s” a starting point, he aims to provide the real estate market with products of secure transparency and value. On September 2011, signed a business collaboration agreement with major rental management company Daiwa Living. Accomplished the development of RMtrust original service “D-Associate” in the Kanto area.

Other than the rental guarantee service business, currently putting an immense amount of effort into the development of the captive reinsurance consulting towards various companies. Also participates in the triathlon held 3 times every year, along with golf. He is probably the most active then anyone else working in the company.