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■RMtrust is a group of professionals, who maximizes company values of clients.

RMtrust Co.,Ltd. was founded on 2008, December in Chuo-ku Tokyo with a rental guarantee business as its base operation. Currently, we offer the 4 following services (D-Associate, D-Associate Plus, T-MANAGE, and Fit’s) for our fellow rental real estate management companies and residents.

One of our strong points is the residential examination we do with extra care and caution. For this process, we use our company’s original criteria and system to make sure that we can provide appropriate residents for rental real estate management companies. Normally, other companies like us have around an 8-9% average early residential accrued risk. However, with our method we were able to lower our risks to about 4.5%. This wouldn’t have been possible without our past business experiences and performance data. As a result, this has been given a good reputation amongst our clients.

Our company not only analyzes our past business experiences and data, we also work on human resource development. Because of these efforts we are able to do difficult tasks such as, judge the character of the company/association the resident works for to see if there is any unreliability. In conclusion to our resident examinations, we can say there are three points we always go by. One is that we make sure that the rental real estate management companies can run business smoothly. Two is that we protect the resources and property of the owner of the property. Three is that unrelated to age, to citizens who fit our criteria, we would like to support them and put in full effort to provide a home where they can be safe and live as long as they want.

To dwell means to live.
This is the reason the rental real estate market has many serious problems that are unresolved, because of this we must think of risk control also from legal perspectives as well. Because of this, at our company we provide multiple services for our customers. To make this possible, we have signed off advisory contracts with several legal offices that have experience in finance, real estate and corporate legal work. They provide us with support us in dispossess proceedings and give us advice on our current situations.

Our executive team consists of people experienced in the running and making of a corporation, banking, securities companies, IT, the foundation of advertising relating companies, business revitalization, and expertise on the development of human resources. Our company uses our own knowledge and understanding along with the resources of our partner companies to work together and start two new projects since 2011.

In the new business development department, we are currently providing consulting for general businesses to plan/implement overseas reinsurance for their company. Also, the IT development department is working with contents business operator “Excite” to provide “docomo”, “au”, and “Softbank” their plan proposals and resources for their official contents.

Companies need flexibility to constantly changing their form to adjust to the time period they are in. We like to represent that need in our motto “Eternally altering our wings as we fly.” Our company, RMtrust will analyze our client’s needs to provide and help implement accurate and fit business plans. We like to think of ourselves are your brain partners that will support you run your company with ease.

■Primary Company Focus

  • Our experienced company members work to reinsurance company risk to overseas, making the company profit to a maximum and stabilizing finances of the company.

    Finance・Captive Reinsurance Consulting

  • We started a rental guarantee business and provide the property real-estate market with a reliable and trustworthy service that does a background check on potential tenants. We also do outsourcing services for rental real estate management companies to up their operational efficiency.

    Rental guarantee business

  • Through accumulated knowledge of experience from our rental guarantee business, we are able to use this knowledge to run a safe and accurate accident related call service, and a collecting money indication call service as well.

    Call Center Project