RMtrust Department Introductions

Ever since RMtrust was created we’ve taken on various different tasks and jobs. However, our staff is separated in to three sections “Corporate planning department” “Investigation Department” and “Control management department.” Each department has various genres of jobs and they are responsible for various business matters.

We are one department and we do not continue to do just one job. Through work, and the expansion of our work/responsibilities we accumulate various business skills and knowledge, along with developing multitasking skills, and finding a job that you truly want to do. Our company believes that by developing these skills and creating a proper environment for the employees, that our company will be closely united and will develop the company into further success.

A company is where business matters take place. Under a contract our company executives, and employees are required to be strict and accurate with numbers but still enhance the work environment with positive attitudes.

■RMtrust Organization Format


■Corporate Planning Department

This department is the company’s administration.
This department acts as a front for our clients, conclusion of contracts with our clients, daily exchange of data, analysis of data, and consists of business experts with a lot of experience in the area of business.

We also do rental guarantee business related tasks such as, receiving contacts from property management companies, and answering questions related to contracts. This means that anyone with experience in the real estate industry or someone with registered real-estate broker license will have a higher possibility to be in this department.

This department specializes in the controls of mission critical system, Excel, CSV massive data management, BPO requests from clients and business agents. This department is a very good environment for people with information management skills, critical thinking skills, and teamwork skills.

■Corporate Planning Captive Department

This department is in charge of the Captive Reinsurance service.

Our company is working with a team consisting of our company’s executive management, captive committee mediators, actuaries, lawyers, and certified accountants. This department works as a coordinator between the team members and the clients along with the collecting of data.

Our captive project established a reinsurance company for our overseas company clients in the financing world. We do this by exchanging advice and information with local accountants and auditors to support the running of insurance companies with appropriate advice based on the different financial service agency regulations they must follow. Because of the frequent interaction with overseas companies, about half of the work relating to this department is done in English. Also because the captive project isn’t very well known in Japan there is no need for any special knowledge however, there is a need for communication skills, information management skills and reporting skills as well.

■Examination Department

This department does examination of tenants for apartments. We use resident applications and consignment of credits guaranties to call the tenant directly to examine them if they are fit to be a proper resident.

Ever since the beginning of the project, the executives are doing a 3-month OJT, even if it is your first time working in this type of service it is a department where you can learn many skills and will be a benefit to your career life. Our department’s definition of an “examination professional” is not just to be able to do personal credit limit but also corporate credit limit.

We receive financial statement and transcripts from our clients to be able to check if their company is reliable. People in this department must have or develop the ability and skill to judge their description of business and stability of the company. Also, we also sometimes visit the clients unwarned, we go to represent our company and must have the sufficient communication skills to represent our company well.

■The Management department

This department is part of a corporate surety company and helps tenants with arrear rent deposit their rent. When the balance in your account is very low, or you forgot to pay the rent by accident, currently our company we do a call service to help you successfully pay your rent.

However our way of management is not to urge somebody to pay his or her debt. With the rental guarantee business’s permission, we provide a service that helps tenants pay their rent easier.

We also think that tenants should feel safe and comfortable when using the service, we ask the people in this department to act professional. Leading on to the enlarging of this service, we also aim to provide a call center service for paying mail orders. This department not only welcomes people who have experience in helping tenants deposit rent we also welcome people with SV experience and experience relating to credit.

■What being a staff of RMtrust is like

  1. Average age of members is 32 years old, over age of members are in the 20’s.
  2. Has solid in-company training. An environment where staff can develop new skills during work.
  3. 2014/07/02, new office in Kayabachou.
  4. There is a study vacation. However the location is a secret until the day.Ex. An Onsen hotel in Hakone, a seemingly one night two days trek up mount Fuji until the day but ending up going to Dougajima Onsen.
  5. .There is a free snack area in the company.
  6. There is overtime work, but catering is allowed.
  7. There is a sports club. Countrywide NAS is available.
  8. There is a hotline for members of the company. Things about work, personal life and also access to lawyers and a certified social insurance and labor consultant.